Saturday, October 24, 2009

Trunk or Treat

Paisley the pirate= Not photogenic

Family Pic!

Me and mY Tiger!

Paisley and her friends Asi and Elyan


The Foster's said...

Super cute kids Rach. Luke is being a pirate too. Tried to talk Hadd into matching him but no go. You are looking great girl!

Mrs. Cindy Hull said...

Paisley the Pirate can hijack my ship ANY day! I love her as a pirate! Luke looks like he's even having fun too. They are adorable! And Pay's eyepatch can double as a black eye.

Jena and Gregg said...

Hey Rach I love the blog. You guys are such a cute family, the kids are absolutely adorable. Im so happy for you.

Kevin, Erin and Jude said...

Hi Rachel, this is Erin Thomson (Markle now) from beauty school, do you remember me? I hope so! I haven't kept in touch really with anyone from school, but I saw that you had a blog from Jena's, and just wanted to say hi! your children are absolutely adorable!