Wednesday, October 7, 2009

For Ray

Excuse the dirty table and the basting brush i am using (my color brush is at the salon)

Okay! Way to make the leap Girl!

Start by dividing your hair into 4 sections.

Then MIX your color.

In the bowl, put 2 ounces of 5N and 2 of 6G.

The ounces are marked on the side of the tubes. That is a total of 4 ounces.

Then add 6 ounces of developer.

COLOR: DEVELOPER ratio is 1 TO 1 1/2

3. Using your brush. outline the back right section with color.

4. Now, take 1/2 inch sections, starting at the top. Saturate both sides of the roots first.

5. Then brush color down the whole hair section. Make sure it's covered really well! No dry spots!

Then put the hair out of the way and do the next section!

-Move fast!
-Take small sections!
-Saturate the hair really well! BUT don't waste color, cause you don't want to run out.

Repeat on the next back section, then on to the front!

Put a garbage bag over your head, to keep the hair moist, and let process 30-35 minutes. Remember Ray, if it seems a little dark, it WILL FADE because your hair is so blonde.

As far as Crystals hair goes, she can either do 3 ounces of 5N and 1 ounce of 6G or ALL 5N. It's up to her on if she wants to add that 6G for warmth :)


Laci said...

this was better than the coloring section in beauty school.

Rachel I love how we are so much a like. I only wish I could be a pretty as you :)