Wednesday, September 30, 2009

3 months old

Luke is 3 months this week! He hasn't been weighed for about a month, but he was almost 12lbs. in August and he is GROWING SO FAST! I would bet 14 now!

He loves....
-Laying in my lap while I blog
-Playing on the floor
-His swing
-His dad
-Being picked up out of his crib in the morning- he laughs and gets SO excited!
-Bath Time! Kicking his leggs and splashing his arms
-Being wrapped up and held

Oh i just love him to death, he is so sweet. He is sleeping throough the night and is so good to me :)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy Days

I started work finally! I am at a fun salon called Charizma! The owner is an awesome lady from my ward and she is on a mission! Hair shows and overhauling the salon... so fun! I am working Thursdays and Saturdays. Jason is able to watch the kids on Saturdays. Thursdays, Donna, Carol and Loretta have offered to switch off watching them. It has been so nice! We had a Brimhall wedding this week which broght me some great business and made me some new friends. Kathy reffered Natalie and Lauren to me for colors, and I must say, they look amazing. I also did the Brides up-do and some of the wedding party. I wish I was part of that family, they are all so fun.

Time for Hair Pics! I cut mine...

Here is Laurens Before and After

Yay for Bleach!

Paisley is Potty Trained. She has to be reminded often when we are out and about, but no embarassing public accidents lately! I must say I love it. She is out diapers/pullups COMPLETELY and Ken and Donna got us a 200 pack of diapers for Luke, so I havn't bought diapers in a month and a half, and won't need to for another i'm sure :) Happy Day

Mom and Dad dropped by for dinner and sleep. Wishj they could have stayed longer, but we'' be in Idaho at Thanksgiving! They brought with them a 25 foot Uhaul and lots of treasures from Be-be and Pa-pas house. I hope one day I can hear ALL the stories behind all of the stuff they are passing down. Thanks everyone!

Luke is Fat.... and funny. He's a laugher and a cuddler.... and thats about it.

Things are going pretty dang good for us right now. Hope it trickles down to all of you!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Goose Egg!

Paisley took a tumble tonight. Poor Kid. She's SO dang rambunxious (spell check?) at night! Running around all over the house can only lead to one thing.... a big goose egg on the forehead... or a stubbed toe, or broken arm, I guess it could lead to a lot of things actually. For tonight though, the goose egg. She tripped over the trim between the carpet and hardwood floor.
Loretta checked her for a concussion, but we think she's fine. She got over it super fast and Luke slept through the whole thing....

Monday, September 7, 2009

Alvin, Simon and Paisley

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

more projects

Since we are potty training this week, we are pretty much bunkered down in the house. I've been doing a lot of sewing, i've missed it. I havn't done any since Luke was born.
I found a tutorial online about making MEN'S SHIRTS into little girls dresses.... check it out!!!

After!!! Isn't she cute?

Isn't that a neat re-use project? I think so.
I have also been on the lookout of a tutorial or pattern with EXACTLY what I wanted for a dress for Paisley, and I can't find anything that fits the image in my mind.... so, I just measured her and started cutting and sewing! Ta-Da!!!
KK sent me the fabric which was on Ray's babyshower tables.... Dress= Free! Mom paid the fabric shipping :)