Monday, June 22, 2009

I wish....

I wish I didn't feel so crappy. I wish I was more motivated. I wish I wasn't such a baby... I mean, what if I had to go to 40 weeks?! That'd be a sight.

I think I feel crappy because I forgot to turn on the air conditioner.

I wish Jen could follow me around for a day and tell me what exactly I am doing wrong when it comes to cleaning and keeping my house clean. Why am I useless in this venture? I do it ALL DAY LONG and nothing looks any different when Jason gets home at night.

I'm now positive about the crappiness being linked to the air conditioner.

My camera is officially broken. It's been unoficially broken for a few months and even took a trip to the KODAK center and still... it fails on me the week before my 2nd baby arrives. Hm.

On a positive note:
The B.p.p. series of tests I was supposed to have done at the dr. got called off during the test, because all my #s were perfect. Yay, the baby is not stressed!

Paisley is saying and doing some of the sweetest things lately. I am spending gobs of time playing with her, doing puzzles and letters. We have had lots of fun.

I can't wait for my mom and dad to get here next sunday. I realize that our location puts a damper on the "fun" level, it's no Nashville, but I know Nana and Papa can make do, and make it a super fun week for Paisley. I am so thankful that they are able to come out here and help.

I hear the little lovie in the bathroom- gotta go!


Dave, Holly and Jed said...

Rachel, you're such a sweetie! I love that you put your frustrations on here for us to see. I too feel like some days the house looks exactly the same as it did when Dave left, even if I have worked ALL DAY on it! Thanks for reminding me that we all have those days. Best of luck with your c-section. I am so excited to see your sweet boy. We love you guys!

teamstowell said...

Bug, you're the bestest. Don't worry about a thing. Even if Jen did have anything to change about your house-wife skills you know she'd just do it for relax and enjoy what is sure to be the last 4 days of sanity you have left in this world. xoxo