Thursday, October 23, 2008


I sent my camera in to be fixed today, so I'll be post crazy when it get's back. Sorry for the inconvenience to all!
Paisley's cousin Jake won his Championship Football game on Monday! Paisley decided she wants to play too! Jake is #9!
Shelby went to yet another Homecoming last weekend. I was on hair duty and Paisley was on entertainment.

It's final! We will be in Houston for Christmas! Jason, Paisley and I will be going with Mom, Dad and Cordy. I can't wait to be in Be-Be and Pa-Pa's house again. We missed out on Myrtle Beach and I'm excited to see Kim and Randy, Ray and John, Crystal, Ty-Ty and Parker!!! Time to prepare Tyler, you'll be meeting your match soon!! Love you all!

Coming Soon- I am in the process of sewing Paisley's Halloween Costume! Look forward to the pics