Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Homecoming at Sargent

Shelby, Paisley's 16 year old cousin, went to Homecoming at Sargent High School this last weekend. We went over to do hair for her friends, decorate the candlelit dinner table and watch the kiddies get dressed up... tear.

Shelby and Jeff

Dirty Face

Paisley loved Aprils light up high heels!

Trouble makers!!! Seth, Chris, Justin (my nephew), Jeff,
Kellie (love the hair!), April and Shelby (my neice)
My camera is still broken but I'll be posing an update this week about the move! Life is great... but I miss everyone....


Rayanne and John said...

Great to see an update from you guys!! Pay is getting so BIG. When are you bringing her to Texas to visit?

thecobbfamily said...

Everytime I pull up your blog I get so weepy! I miss you terribly! Come see us!!!! How is it possible that Pay is the SPITTING image of Baby Rach ... I'm sure there is a ton of Jason in her... but I just Don't see anything but the BEAUTFIUL RACHEL! Missing you more and more everyday... are you coming to Texas for Christmas?