Tuesday, August 19, 2008

To Bob's again!

Last weekend was our 2nd anniversary! Bob and Lynette took Paisley for the weekend to Idaho Falls and we headed up to Twin Falls. We saw a movie, had dinner, went swimming and went to the Twin Falls Temple open house. It was so great!
Bob's family took Paisley to their Ward Party with them and to the park. Tiana and Jessica are pictured here with Paisley. Much thanks to all of them.

Boating Pictures to follow... Jason cleared the wake!

We also have made the decision to make a move to Colorado. More info to come.


Rayanne and John said...

Moving to Colorado?!?!?!
Pay is such a cutie! Yall need to come visit....I miss you!!

thecobbfamily said...

us Texas folk need the update on your move!! Whats going on :) are you really headed to CO??? Missing you so so much. Ray's right Paisley is an absolute doll!!

Mrs. Cindy Hull said...

Missing my Pater-Pot so much it hurts! Nana