Tuesday, August 19, 2008

To Bob's again!

Last weekend was our 2nd anniversary! Bob and Lynette took Paisley for the weekend to Idaho Falls and we headed up to Twin Falls. We saw a movie, had dinner, went swimming and went to the Twin Falls Temple open house. It was so great!
Bob's family took Paisley to their Ward Party with them and to the park. Tiana and Jessica are pictured here with Paisley. Much thanks to all of them.

Boating Pictures to follow... Jason cleared the wake!

We also have made the decision to make a move to Colorado. More info to come.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Boating at Bob's! again!

Last weekend we headed up to Idaho Falls for some awesome recreation with Bob and Lynnette's family. They have been so much fun to hang out with! Bob's the greatest to take us out on his boat and Lynnette is more than accommodating with providing food, games, fun and of course a camera. I love their kids! I still think it's so funny that they are my nieces and nephews (Jessica being 2 years younger than us) but they honestly feel like best friends, or brother and sisters! Thanks for everything!

Paisley loves to sit on the boat with the wind in her hair! She's a total water baby too! She'll jump right off the back of the boat, so someone has to be right there and keep a good eye on her. We love anything with water in general.

To come....
-Pic's of the new pool